Cool and calculating Carl Frampton not fazed by huge expectation

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton will be as cool as a cucumber in the press-cooker that will be the Titanic Quarter on Saturday night.

Frampton will walk out in front of 16000 fans at the purpose built out-door arena and millions will be tuning in on television around the world to watch Frampton challenge Kiko Martinez for his IBF World title.

The weight of expectation could weigh down many a fighter - but Frampton cannot wait to get started.

“There has been pressure and expectation the whole way through my career - but this will be the best performance of my career on Saturday night. This is a World title fight but I can deal with that and I also feel I perform better under pressure and this will be the case this time,” said the 27-year-old.

Frampton is humbled that so many fans will be there to cheer him on.

“They say it’s the biggest fight crowd ever in Northern Ireland - and that’s unbelievable.

“The support I have is fantastic - and I’m not a World champion yet, I’m only the challenger

“But once I take that World title off Kiko and come back home to defend it, there could be a bigger crowd. But 16, 000 is hard to beat,” he added.

And what does Frampton think Martinez will bring to the contest?

“I am expecting the best Kiko Martinez but I dealt with him the last time and my performance was not that great.

“I am a much better fighter now and I know what to expect and I know it is going to be another win for me and a World title. He has had 35 fights and he is going to do the same thing - come head first and try to knock me out. That is his gameplan,” he added.