Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley believes Carl Frampton can win IBF World title against Kiko Martinez

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley is convinced Belfast will have a new World Champion on September 6 when Carl Frampton challenges Kiko Martinez for the Spaniard’s IBF Super-bantamweight title.

Former IBF Flyweight World Champion McAuley, who had nine World title fights himself in a glittering career, believes Frampton will get the job done against the hard-hitting Martinez.

“I do not want to be over confident but Carl will win this fight.

“He has the measure of Martinez and I can only see one outcome on September 6.

“It will be a tough fight but Kiko is a one trick pony. He marches forward and throws huge bombs and that is all he has to offer.

“Carl will be too smart for him and I believe he will stop him again,” he added.

But McAuley says Frampton has to be wary of Martinez and avoid standing toe-to-toe with the Spaniard.

“Kiko is strong and has a good punch, so Carl has to stick to his boxing.

“He has to move in and hit Kiko two or three shots and then move out of range again.

“Carl is smart enough to do that and if he does that Kiko will get frustrated as the fight goes on.

“He will then start to take chances and when he does that Carl will punish him.

“Kiko can only do the one thing – but Carl can box, fight, move and he is clever.

“He also bangs very hard and I see him becoming our next World Champion,” he added.

Martinez has been saying on social media that he is returning to Belfast for revenge after Frampton beat him in 2013 – but McAuley laughs that off.

“That is bravado and he will be wary of Frampton, because Carl knocked him out.

“It does not matter what he says in the run-up to the fight because he will know in the back of his mind that Carl stopped him the last time.”

And McAuley – who had six World title fights in Belfast – says there is no better feeling than being announced as a World Champion in Belfast.

“It will be the greatest night of his life.

“Nothing else compares to that and it is something that will live you forever.

“It will be an unforgettable night for him and when he wins it will be great for Belfast and boxing here.”