Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley says Carl Frampton must box smart at the Odyssey on February 9

ACTION PACKED: Carl Frampton
ACTION PACKED: Carl Frampton

Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley has these words of warning for Carl Frampton before he challenges Kiko Martinez for the European title at the Odyssey on February 9 - ‘Be careful, because this boy is dangerous.’

Tigers Bay fighter Frampton will face the biggest test of his professional career to date when he faces the hard hitting Spaniard at the Belfast venue and former World champion McAuley says ‘The Jackal’ has to be wary.

“I have watched Martinez over the years and he can bang. He is very dangerous for the first five to six rounds - so Frampton has be very careful.

“Against a big puncher you have to be extra careful - because one big punch and it is war over.

“If I was in Frampton’s camp I would be drumming it into him every day how dangerous this guy is.

“You don’t want to got to war with this guy, or get involved in a brawl with him, because he can do you serious damage,” he added.

But what game plan does McAuley think Frampton should use against Martinez?

“It’s not up to me, but if I was telling Frampton what to do, I would tell him that Martinez is very dangerous for the first six rounds.

“He then seems to lose the sting in his punches. If I was Carl I would be a moving target for the first six rounds.

“I would be in and out fast and if he gets close I would tie him up and hold onto him.

“Kiko gets frustrated easily. Carl has to stay on the move for the first five to six rounds.

“He has to get in and out - while picking up the points at the same time. He has to be elusive and stay out of your man’s way.

“Then after about six rounds, Carl can put the foot on the gas and pepper this guy with big shots.

“Frampton can box, he can fight and he can bang as well and I believe he will win the fight.

“But this will be his biggest test to date and he has to be very wary of this guy - because one big shot and it will be war over,” said McAuley.

‘Dave Boy’ is also hoping for a number of home wins at the Odyssey show on February 9.

“I really hope Frampton wins his fight. I also see that Martin Lindsay and Jamie Conlan are fighting for titles on the bill.

“I hope all these guys win their fights as it would be a big boost to boxing over here.

“Lindsay fights Lee Selby for the British title and I believe this will be a tough test for Martin.

“Lindsay was an outstanding prospect - but I watched him losing his British title to John Simpson at the King’s Hall.

“I guy like Simpson should never have beaten him, but he fought the wrong fight that night. Martin is 30-years old so this is a must win fight for him. If he loses this - it will be a long road back,” he added.

And what are his thoughts on the John Breen trained Jamie Conlan before he faces Yaqub Kareem for the Commonwealth Super Flyweight title?

“I have watched him sparring at Breen’s Gym and I have watched him fight a couple of times.

“He is a good prospect, but he has been out of action for over a year, so he will have to be in tip-top shape.”