Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley sure referee got it wrong in Manchester

Carl Froch (right) and George Groves
Carl Froch (right) and George Groves

Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley is sure George Groves should not have been stopped by the referee during his World title fight against Carl Froch in Manchester last Saturday night.

Referee Howard Foster jumped in to pull Groves out of the fight in the ninth round, but many pundits believed Foster was too quick in ending the contest as Groves had made a great start to the fight and had knocked down ‘The Cobra’ in round one.

And McAuley says the refereee was a bit hasty in making his decision.

“I watched the fight and he dived in too soon. Yes, he had been caught with a few shots, but he was still fighting back.

“If your man had been refereeing when I was fighting he would have stopped all my fights,” he joked.

“He didn’t seem in that much trouble and the referee should have given him more time.

“The referee made the decision and Groves will have to build himself up again. He will not make as much money now in his next few fights and that is the way it is in boxing.

“He had also got himself into position to fight for World titles and that takes years of training and hard work,” he added.

And does McAuley think the rematch between Froch and Groves will ever happen?

“If I was Froch and I was the champion, I would stay away from Groves.

“He would have to be mad to want to fight him again. Groves troubled him and put him down in the first and why would you want to fight a guy who had given you so much trouble?

“The only way I would fight Groves again, if I was Froch, is if they offered me an amount of money I could not refuse,” he added.

And McAuley believes Groves’ lack of experience counted against him.

“If he was in trouble he should have taken a knee for an eight colunt. You can clear your head and by the time the referee asks you ‘are you alright?’ and you say ‘yes’ a few times, 15 seconds could have passed. You will lose the round but you can claw that back.”