Froch cannot see Leo going to Carl’s backyard

Carl Frampton in action against Leo Santa Cruz
. Photo: Presseye/William Cherry
Carl Frampton in action against Leo Santa Cruz . Photo: Presseye/William Cherry

Former World super-middleweight king Carl Froch says he would not go to Belfast to fight Carl Frampton if he was Leo Santa Cruz.

Frampton lost his WBA featherweight World title on points to Santa Cruz in Las Vegas on Saturday night and ‘The Jackal’ called for a rematch to take place in Belfast.

But Froch says he would avoid going to Frampton’s home city.

“Santa Cruz said he would have the rematch in Belfast and he says he is a man of his word. If he goes to Belfast he would be very well paid.

“He will be confident he can do it again but I wouldn’t go to Belfast to fight Frampton.

“I think fighting in Belfast would bring the best out in Frampton and the crowds will take the roof off the arena. I boxed in Belfast when I was an amateur and I have never experienced anything like it.

“They are noisey, passionate and they know their boxing.”

And Froch thought Santa Cruz deserved his win at the MGM Grand.

“He was beaten by the better man on the night. Santa Cruz’s tactics were better and he carried out his game plan very well. I had him winning the fight by two rounds.

“But well done to Frampton he took the loss well and I think they should have a rematch.

“And that rematch could be totally different if it takes place in Belfast.”

And Amir Khan - was was also ringside - praised both fighters.

“They both did boxing proud and it was a great fight. It was what boxing needed and we need fights like this.

“I thought Santa Cruz won the fight but it was a great fight and hats off to the both of them. They should have the third fight and see what happens.

“It was like two Mexican’s fighting in there. They were toe to toe and they have ad 24 hard rounds between them now. And it is hard to say who is the best in the division as there is so little between them.

“This was a close fight and third one has to happen. But they should have a rest. Have an easy fight and then do it again.”