Fury and Johnson ready for Odyssey showdown

WAR: Kevin Juryohnson (left) and Tyson F
WAR: Kevin Juryohnson (left) and Tyson F

The sparks were flying at yesterday’s press conference for the Tyson Fury heavyweight clash against Kevin Johnson at the Odyssey on Saturday night.

Insults were traded by both camps and there seems to be genuine bad blood between the pa ir before they meet in a WBC World title eliminator,

And Fury was far from impressed by the colourfully dressed American.

“I can see he’s a very classy guy by the way hes dressed for the Press conference. You can see he’s oozing in class.

“And I’ve trained very hard for this fight but everyone knows what Kevin Johnson is going to do. He’s gonna come here, put up a good fight, go home a happy loser with a big paycheque.

“Listen, this is the Tyson Fury Show. This mug is part of the game. I’m going to take over this fool, take whatever he’s got to bring to the table, and move on to the next level.

“I am going to be the first Irish heavyweight champion of the world.

“I’m the greatest heavyweight since Lennox Lewis. This mug is not going to take me anywhere. This mug is in serious trouble because I have been to hell and back in my training camp.

“His trainer Jeff Mayweather had a lot to say in the newspaper – that I’m slow, methodical, predictable - that I’m not going to be a super world champion.

“ He’s going to have eat his words on Saturday because I want an official apology after his man is smashed to bits. What more can I say?,” said a clearly motivated Fury.

‘Kingpin’ Johnson however is also a man not lost for words as he had a go at Fury’s promoter Mick Hennessy.

“Just like Hennessy said – I like to call him by his last name Hennessy because it’ll be a beautiful celebration with a glass of that – there’s a lot of guys who wouldn’t take this fight.

“But thats not because they say Fury is something dangerous; its just a lot of heavyweights don’t want to fight up to the level of their opposition.

“I’ve never once ran from anybody and this is all I asked for – give me my level of opposition. Let me face off with a report card that’s gonna come out to be an A.

“I applaud that man – a lot of people wouldn’t take a fight with me.

“Not one top-10 heavyweight would ever fight me over the last few years. Why?

“I working on a closed casket. I don’t know what he’s been working on but I bet he’s got the same funeral plans for me. So let’s see who ends up in the casket.

“Because one of us is going to be laid the hell out. But it damn sure ain ‘ t gonna be me. Cos Jeff didnt bring no flowers. Aint nobody gonna be singing for me.

“So, Hennessy – hope you got the champagne and I hope you got the 1738 VSOP Hennessy baby, cos we gonna celebrate,” said Johnson.

And Johnson’s coach Mayweather added: “We’re here to win the fight. Kevin likes to talk – Tyson likes to talk. To be honest, that’s how I first heard of Tyson Fury.

He was on some radio interview, bragging, talking about what he was going to do to this person. Then I got the chance to watch him for myself. I wasn’t impressed at all.”