Gary Hamilton fails to beat Zhara at Ulster Hall

Gary Hamilton with Daniel Zahra

Gary Hamilton with Daniel Zahra

Gary Hamilton lost his brave bid to become a two-time world champion at the Ulster Hall in Belfast on Saturday night.

Hamilton faced WKN supremo Daniel Zhara of Malta over under K1 style rules and he came up short in front of a packed arena.

This was Hamilton’s first fight at the Ulster hall since 2005 and one he was hoping would have put him back on the world scene.

At times Hamilton showed the class that led him to win and defend world crowns.

But as the fight went on the Zhara was too experienced in this style of fighting with the Belfast Boy being floored twice and stopped in his tracks in the fourth round with devastating knee strikes.

Coach Billy Murray believes Hamilton will be back/

“He will take a break over Christmas and then we will look and see where we go from here. And if he wants to continue it will need to be only on the full-contact kickboxing stage, not the Thai style as this is clearing not Gary’s style of fighting,” added Murray.

There were wins however on the night for Ursula Agnew, Samantha Robb, Alex Cioici and Bangor man Johnny Smith.

There was disappointment however for Karl McBlain as he drew his fight, Darren McMullan from Ballygowan was stopped, along with Gary Fullerton and Davy Foster.




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