Gary Hamilton knows it’s time to deliver against Sam Allan

Sam Allan and Gary Hamilton outside the Ulster Hall
Sam Allan and Gary Hamilton outside the Ulster Hall

Gary Hamilton knows he has to deliver at the Ulster Hall on September 13 – or his career in kickboxing will be at an end.

Hamilton will face two-time World Full-Contact champion Sam Allan of Scotland for the WKN Light Welterweight professional title which will be contested over 12 rounds at the iconic Belfast venue.

Hamilton knows that losing against Allan could be his last time and he says that defeat is not an option.

“I cannot lose. It’s as simple as that. I was raised not to be a quitter and I respond well when my back is against the wall. I always come back fighting when my back is against the wall.

“Kick boxing is all I know so I have to win. It is very important that I win. Defeat is not an option,” he added.

And Hamilton says he is also pleased that the fight will take place under full contact rules.

“People seem to have forgotten that I was very boxing orientated and was a professional boxer for a few years and it gelled with me.

“I sparred with the likes of Carl Frampton, Jim Rock and Mark Winters.

“And the full contact is very boxing orientated, with kicking added, while K1 is different.

“Full contact suits me better and I will be ready for September 13,” he added.

But Allan - who was at the Ulster Hall on Friday - says he is not coming to Belfast to make up the numbers.

“Gary has been about the circuit for years and he held a World title for seven years.

“He is getting on a bit and he is in last chance saloon, so he will be up for it.

“I am the young, hungry and fresh champion and I have a legacy to build and he is not going to stop me,” he added.

Local fighters Ursula Agnew, Alex Ciocoi, Johnny Smith, Darren McMullan, Cathy McAleer and Samantha Robb will also fight for titles on the night on what is an action show.