kessler is avoiding me claims froch

READY: Carl Froch and Yusaf Mack
READY: Carl Froch and Yusaf Mack

CARL Froch has rounded on Mikkel Kessler before the Dane faces Brian Magee for the WBA World title on December 8.

Froch - who faces Yusaf Mack in Nottingham on Saturday night - also seems to be dismissing Lisburn fighter Magee’s chances of beating Kessler as he is already stating the ‘Danish Viking’ is running scared of facing him in the coming months.

“I spoke to Kessler on the phone recently and I said ‘Let’s get this fight on.’” Froch said.

“But he gave me short and sweet answers and then changed the subject and asked me how my mum was!

“He sounded like a man who doesn’t want to fight and he certainly wasn’t saying, ‘Let’s do it in the summer’.”

Kessler defeated Froch in 2010 but ‘The Cobra’ believes Kessler does not fancy a rematch.

“If a fight against me isn’t a necessity and he’s not a mandatory challenger, it won’t happen,” Froch said.

“It will have to be money-motivated for him.

“He’s thinking why fight Froch after seeing what I did to Lucian Bute when he could earn a load of money by fighting Magee in Denmark.

“I’m trying to get into the top 10 pound-for-pound ratings in the world, I’m just outside it at the moment.

“I know fighting Kessler and then a rematch with Andre Ward, who also beat me, would put me in the top five pound-for-pound and that will be unbelievable.

“This fight against Mack probably won’t get me into the top 10.”

And what about Magee’s chances against Kessler.

“Magee is very deceptive with his awkward southpaw style and he’s very hard to catch clean.

“He’s also very scrappy and effective up close, so he will give Kessler plenty to think about.

“But Kessler is a god in Denmark. He is very strong so I see him winning on points,” he added.

And Froch is looking forward to facing 32-year-old Mack on Saturday night as Mack has done his best to ruffle feathers of the self-styled ‘Cobra’ by classing him as a second-rate Calzaghe.

He made the comments on a television show Froch was not present at, just days after saying nothing when the pair met in person, and the 35-year-old has been angered by what he considers a show of disrespect.

“I’m glad that he and his trainer have had a bit to say and I am glad he’s started talking a good game,” Froch said at a head-to-head meeting between the pair.

“He had little to say three or four weeks ago and he’s had little to say today.

“He said a few things about Calzaghe a few weeks ago, but come Saturday night he’s going to be in a whole world of trouble.

“He’s in my territory and he’s going to feel some serious wrath. Those comments were something I had to listen to.

“He had an opportunity to say it to my face, not go 200 miles down the road and say it behind my back.”