Santa Cruz looks set to snub Frampton for Quigg

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton may have to get in line to have a shot at WBC World Champion Leo Santa Cruz.

The Tigers Bay Super-bantamweight is the mandatory challenger for the Mexican’s title after stopping Hugo Cazares at the Odyssey in April.

But it now seems that Santa Cruz and his team woule perfer to face WBA champion Scott Quigg first before facing Frampton later this year.

Santa Cruz has said in the past that he wants to take on ‘The Jackal’ next - but it now seems he wants to take on Bury fighter Quigg first.

‘I think it is the unification.

‘Right now there is an opportunity to win another belt so hopefully we get that fight, get the win, unify the belts and then fight against Frampton.

‘I think I will fight Quigg before Frampton, he has the belt and Frampton doesn’t have one right now. It’s a better opportunity against Quigg.

“We are hoping to have that fight in July-August time and then by December we want to fight Frampton,” he added.

And the two-time World champion also admitted that he thinks Frampton would be a tougher fight that Quigg.

“Quigg has the better record, he has had more fights, but I think Frampton is stronger and with more attributes. I think Frampton will be a stronger fighter.

“I think he has a great right hand, a strong fighter who comes forward with good power.

“He is like a Mexican fighter when he comes forward and goes to war. He never backs down.

“If it was up to me I would have no problem fighting him next but hopefully we get the unification against Quigg, get the win and then fight Frampton after that for sure.

“They’re both great fighters, undefeated, look strong and are good punchers too.

“They come forward so I think we will have some great wars and put on great fights for the fans,” he added.

And Santa Cruz believethis is a ‘golden era’ for his division.

‘It’s incredible at the moment. Quigg, Frampton, Kiko Martinez, Rigondeaux and then me. Right there, we’ve got one of the best divisions around. We please the fans, have a war, we are one of the strongest right now.

‘It’s a golden era for the super bantamweights at the moment.

“Right now we have the opportunity to do that so I’m ready to take advantage of it – the others should be too,” said Santa Cruz.