Shane McGuigan sure Jackal is improving all the time

Shane McGuigan and Carl Frampton
Shane McGuigan and Carl Frampton

Trainer Shane McGuigan believes Carl Frampton is getting stronger and stronger with every training camp he gets under his belt.

The Tigers Bay Super-bantamweight stopped Jeremy Parodi in the sixth round of their contest at the Odyssey on October 19 and that was after stopping Kiko Martinez in his tracks in the ninth round when they met back in February,

And McGuigan is convinced that ‘The Jackal’ is improving at a frightening pace as he showed by stopping Parodi with a thunderous bodyshot at the Odyssey.

It was an unbelievable shot that would’ve knocked out anybody, it was well timed,” agreed McGuigan.

“I saw Carl hurt him with a left hook to the body in the first-round and after bouncing the right hooks off his head all night long I thought that we’ve got to start staying inside and start hurting him.

“You can criticise a little bit, because once or twice he missed with the right hook, but it was perfect timing for the finisher.

“He is getting better and he is improving all the time with every camp,” he added.

And McGuigan says they would face the winner of the clash between IBF World Champion Kiko Martinez and Jeffrey Mathebula.

“We’ve already beaten Martinez so it would be nice to beat Mathebula. We would fight either of tham.”