Trainer Shane McGuigan confident of Carl Frampton World title success on September 6

Trainer Shane McGuigan on the pads with Carl Frampton
Trainer Shane McGuigan on the pads with Carl Frampton

Trainer Shane McGuigan is ultra confident Carl Frampton will be crowned IBF World in Belfast on September 6.

Belfast super-bantamweight Frampton challenges Kiko Martinez for the Spaniard’s IBF belt in front of 16000 fans in the heartland of Belfast.

Martinez’s career has soared since Frampton stopped him in the Odyssey last year.

After that defeat the Spaniard claimed his World title after stopping Johnathan Romero in Atlantic City.

He then defended his crown against Jeffrey Mathebula and Hozumi Hasegawa but McGuigan - who will oversee Frampton’s training camp in London - is sure Kiko’s reign will end in Belfast.

“I just know the best Carl Frampton is better than the best Kiko Martinez. He can out-box him, he can out-fight him and he can out-punch him.

“So it is just making sure that he goes in there, not too confident, with a lot of respect because Kiko can punch, not let the crowd get to him and stick to the game plan,” he added.

And McGuigan believes both fighters have improved since they met last February.

“He has fought him before and it was a really tough fight between two World class fighters for the European title.

“Now they are facing each other for the World title and I think Kiko has got slightly better, but Carl has improved in leaps and bounds.

“I think come September 6, we are not going to make the same mistakes we made the last time.”

Frampton stopped the Spaniard in the ninth round when they last met - but McGuigan says that fight is old news.

“I will drilling it into Carl that is not going in there to better what he did before. He is going in there to do what he did the last time - frustrate him for the first few rounds and then come on strong.

“If he feels he is getting tired then push on and try to get him out of there.

“If not stick to the game plan. And the last time he wasted so much energy moving around.

“He was too far out of punching distance but this time we will keep him more in distance but not switching off.

“I am preparing Carl day in and day out, and no stone will be left unturned.

“We are putting in all the graft and we are preparing harder this time for this clash. The expectation on Carl is massive and everyone thinks he will be a World Champion. People think because he has beaten him before, so he will do it again - but we know it will not be that easy.”