Wain is ready to ambush Monson at King’s Hall

Neil 'Old Skool' Wain
Neil 'Old Skool' Wain

The King’s Hall Complex will once again rock this evening as Cage Contender comes to town.

All of the local and national MMA experts will descend on the Belfast venue to lock horns at one of the world’s most famous fight venues.

In the main fight of the night Cage Contender Heavyweight Champion Neil ‘Old Skool’ Wain will face one of the biggest names ever to grace a cage.

He meets MMA legend Jeff ‘The Snowman’ Monson.

Wain (11-3-0 / CC 2-0-0) who has faced former UFC interim champion Shane Carwin at UFC 89 has become a firm Belfast fan favourite after beating fellow UFC veteran Colin Robinson in two epic battles but he will surely have his work cut out if he wants to hold on to his coveted title.

Monson is one of the best known and toughest heavyweights on the planet.

He has fought in just about every one of the top promotions including UFC, Pride, Dream, M1, and Strikeforce his CV is littered with names such as Fedor, Cormier, Sylvia, Rodriguez, Griffin, Liddell and Nelson to name just a few.

“We told fans Neil would be defending with a UFC vet, now they know who it is and they will know this is a huge fight between two huge men.

“Neither of them will take a backward step. That is guartenteed

“Monson is known the world over and will no doubt be coming to take the Champs belt from him.

“As I said before this is a proper MMA Heavyweight Title Fight between two Heavyweight MMA fighters.

“Not only that but two heavyweight UFC veterans one of whom is Cage Contender Champion and the other is one of the best know fighters on earth.

“There are a number of title fights on the bill and there are huge clashes throughout the bill.

“We provide the best bills and there are loads of fights on the bill that will get fans out of their seats.

“This is a great night of action,” said John Ferguson, the CEO of Cage Contender.

Tickets for the show are still on sale and can be bought at the door and from fighters on the bill.