Carl Frampton has World title in his sights

Carl Frampton on the attack against Jeremy Parodi
Carl Frampton on the attack against Jeremy Parodi

Carl Frampton eased through the gears at the Odyssey on Saturday night as he put himself into pole position for a shot at the IBF World title.

‘The Jackal’ swept aside Jeremy Parodi at the Belfast venue with apparent ease and stopped the Frenchman with a bodyshot in the sixth that his manager Barry McGuigan was reknowed for in his heyday.

Big things lie ahead for the talented super-bantamweight and Frampton says he is ready to face any of the currant World Champions, including IBF king Kiko Martinez.

“Every fight I seem to be making bigger and better statements and I dominated that fight from start to finish.

“I’m ready for a world title and I’ll leave it to the the team who I fight next but if they provide the opposition, I’ll knock them out.

“I’d love the world title fight at Seaview, outdoors in a big event venue, packing people in and I want to fight in Belfast as much as possible but I’ll fight these guys in their own back yard if I have to.

“I’ll go to Spain to fight Kiko if I have to,” he added.

And Frampton was pleased with his performance against Parodi, in front of a packed Odyssey.

“He came out and circled the ring and I knew what his gameplan was.

“I felt I was looking good and as long as you’re winning there’s no pressure to look good. Belfast people know boxing and they will appreciate the skill and dedication involved behind the wins.

“I felt comfortable hitting him with single shots and I wanted to spark him out but we landed the body shot and got rid of him,” he added.

And promoter and manager McGuigan says they would love to face Martinez or Jeffrey Mathebula. They face each other on December 21 in an IBF World title fight and McGuigan says he wants Frampton to face the winner.

“I want it to be for the world title but it would be arrogant of me to suggest that it definitely will be for the world title.

“If Mathebula wins then we have a better chance of getting the shot but I think that Kiko is saying publicly that he wants to go back to Belfast and end Carl’s career, which is what he said the last time.

“Talk is cheap and I think Mathebula will want a lot of money but we have the right people behind us to get him here.

“We don’t care if Martinez wins, maybe it’s better, because he’s strong and difficult and comes forward and it will make a better fight.

“It’s harder to look exciting with a guy who backs off all the time.

“We will be ringside on December 21 waiting for the winner of that fight to step out of the ring and we will be making a substantial offer to come and fight in Belfast,” he added.

And trainer Shane McGuigan says he believes Frampton would be too good for both Martinez and Mathebula.

“We’ve already beaten Kiko Martinez so it would be nice to beat Mathebula.

“I believe that Mathebula will beat Martinez even though these two disagree with me.Mathebula is a tough guy who went the distance with Donaire so it will be interesting to see if Carl can get him out of there.

“We’ve worked so hard to get into position with the IBF and once Carl has a world title under his belt then we can go for the others” he added.