Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley sure Carl Frampton will breakdown Kiko Martinez

Kiko Martinez
Kiko Martinez

Dave ‘Boy’ McAuley believes Carl Frampton will ‘breakdown and then stop’ Kiko Martinez on Saturday night.

Tiger’s Bay super-bantamweight Frampton will challenge Martinez for the Spaniard’s IBF World title in the Titanic Quarter.

Frampton stopped Martinez in the ninth round the last time they met last February and former IBF Flyweight World champion McAuley says the same result is on the cards this time around.

“I think Carl with break him down and then stop him after seven rounds - just like the last time.

“Kiko is a one trick pony. He will come out all guns blazing and take it to Carl in the opening rounds.

“If I was Frampton I would keep him at arms length and hit him hard and often.

“Wear him down and when you think he is starting to fade, pile the pressure on.

“All Kiko can do is brawl. he can’t box, he can’t fight on the back foot.

“He is flat footed and just marches forward throwing big punches,” he added.

And McAuley thinks all Martinez’s talk of ‘revenge and redemption’ is just false bravado.

“If I was Kiko I would not have come to Belfast in a million years. He is entering the Lion’s den against a guy who has knocked him out.

“His handlers are crazy bringing him back here. If it was me I would sue my handlers for getting me this fight.

“He keeps saying ‘he’s in a better place mentally and physically’ this time around but I can only see the one winner,” added McAuley.

And why does McAuley think ‘The Jackal’ will be crowned IBF World champion on Saturday night?

“Carl will be confident. he has stopped this guy before and he is also fighting in Belfast.

“Carl will know what Kiko is all about and he knows he has the power to stop him.

“Kiko seems to run out of gas the longer the fight goes on - so if Carl is smart he will break him down and then stop him. I really hope he gets the job done and we have another World champion.”