Eddie Patterson seeks assurances from Glentoran board over new deal

Glentoran celebrate John McGuigan's goal
Glentoran celebrate John McGuigan's goal

Eddie Patterson insists Glentoran need to convince him they are on the right track financially if he is to stay on as manager.

The Glens ran out 3-0 winners against Crusaders on Saturday, marking their first victory over the Shore Road club in three years.

An immaculate free-kick from Curtis Allen, followed by second-half goals from John McGuigan and Danny McKee, saw Crusaders’ grip on third place in the league slacken, as Portadown moved to just a point behind them.

Nathan Hanley missed a penalty for the Crues, who also had Colin Coates sent off in the second half.

Goalscorer Allen was also dismissed.

Patterson believes he has laid the necessary foundations for Glentoran to restore some lost quality and competitiveness on the pitch.

The coach is concerned, however, that without a funding boost, he cannot take the team much further and says accepting a new two-year deal is not set in stone.

Patterson said: “It is not done and dusted. There are a couple of hard decisions to make, a couple of hard decisions for the board to make as well.

“What’s been said is about further reductions in the budget next season, and it’s got to the point where there’s no meat on the bone.

“So I need assurances, I need to be able to come out and say to the fans exactly what’s happening and then I would have no issues in taking on the role.

“But that lack of information, not letting the fans know exactly what’s going on, that’s something which can’t be taken.”

Patterson has shown he is committed to blooding the senior side with youthful vitality, and providing a platform for talents such as McGuigan, McKee and striker Jordan Stewart to flourish.

Overall, countering the financial suffocation and managing injuries, he has fared admirably, although restructuring comes at a price.

He added: “This is a fantastic club, and we’ve brought some great kids through and the foundations are set, but it gets to the stage where you can only endure so many cuts.

“I know where the board is coming from, there’s a legacy there lasting over 10 years of overpayments, but what we have to do now as a club is to start working to generate money which comes in outside out sponsorship and the season ticket holders.

“So there’s a lot more work to be done to try and stabilise it. If my reasons were purely football I would be jumping in at the Glentoran job.

“I don’t know if [the board] know what’s best, I know they’re trying to do the best.

“There was that much debt this club could have gone out of business the year before last and they’re working hard to level that out, but it gets to the stage where you just need that wee bit more help financially as a manager to build on the foundations.”