England boss Roy Hodgson wants Steven Gerrard to stay at the helm

Uruguay's Luis Suarez (centre) consoling England's Steven Gerrard
Uruguay's Luis Suarez (centre) consoling England's Steven Gerrard

Roy Hodgson has told Steven Gerrard he wants him to continue playing for England.

Gerrard confirmed on Sunday that he would wait a few weeks before deciding whether to quit England.

The England captain, who turned 34 last month, requires pain-killing injections in his back and next year he will be playing Champions League football for Liverpool on top of an already gruelling domestic schedule.

His position in the international side has also come under scrutiny at this World Cup thanks to his sub-par display against Uruguay - a performance that did not merit a mark out of 10, according to Spanish newspaper AS.

But Hodgson made it clear to Gerrard on Sunday morning that he thinks his captain still has what it takes to play at the highest level.

“The manager has asked me to stay,” Gerrard said.

Hodgson replied with a “yes” when asked if that meant he wanted Gerrard to carry on as captain too.

It may have been just a one-word answer, but that was a big vote of confidence in Gerrard from Hodgson, who still values the midfielder’s leadership and playing skills highly.

Still, Gerrard will not be rushed into making any snap judgements regarding his future.

The Liverpool midfielder has gone through many ups and downs over the last few months. He enjoyed a superb year with Liverpool until his slip against Chelsea handed Manchester City the title.

He was proud to finally lead England into a major tournament as the official captain - not like in 2010 when he did so by default - but ultimately his accident flick-on to Luis Suarez handed Uruguay the win in Sao Paulo.

“In my head I’ve got a mixture of emotions: frustration, pain,” he said.

“The season for Liverpool ended badly for me and the team. I was coming out of that trying to put that to bed, trying to get some positivity back in the World Cup. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

“But I’ve faced adversity before, played through it, stayed strong. I have to try and grieve, get away with the family and away from international football, and then make a decision,” he added.

“It would be wrong for me to make that decision now. I need to get away for a while.