Glenn Ferguson fumes over referee call

Ballymena United manager Glenn Ferguson
Ballymena United manager Glenn Ferguson

Glenn Ferguson could find himself in hot water with the Irish FA after blasting referee Andrew Davey following Saturday’s defeat to Linfield.

Bangor official Davey awarded the Blues a controversial penalty on the stroke of half-time which was converted by Gary Browne.

Ballymena lost the game 2-1 after a spirited second half performance, but boss Ferguson was quick to vent his frustration at the final whistle.

“I don’t know how many were at the game today.

“But all the crowd, the 22 players, the coaches and everyone else didn’t think it was a penalty,” he said.

“There was one person in the ground who thought it was - the referee.

“The players were laughing, and even Gary Browne admitted it was not a penalty.

“Ultimately it has cost us a point, and we have got nothing from the game.

“Will the referee be made accountable? No. Nothing will be done.

“We keep saying behind closed doors how bad some of the refereeing has been. This is a big decision today.

“We warranted a point today with the performance, but a bad refereeing decision has cost us.

“The sooner we get these meetings arranged between referees, managers, players and officials, then we will get more accountability.

“I know this may land me in trouble, but I don’t care.

“That’s my point, that his mistake will cost me. That’s the way it is.

“Referees are a protected species, and the sooner something is done the better.”