Oran Kearney and Pat McAllister left to grumble after Showgrounds stalemate

DC manager Pat McAllistger (left) vents his frustration
DC manager Pat McAllistger (left) vents his frustration

Both Oran Kearney and Pat McAllister were left to bemoan decisions by the officials during this uninspiring goalless draw at The Showgrounds.

Talking points were few and far between as the Bannsiders toiled against a well-marshalled Donegal Celtic defence.

But it was the two dismissals that had the managers fuming at the end.

McAllister was first to fall foul of the officials as he was sent to the stands late in the first half for something he said to the fourth official.

“I’m very frustrated,” said an exasperated McAllister after the game.

“I’ve stupidly reacted to the fourth official but I wasn’t happy with his performance.

“Throughout the game players were swearing at the officials and no action was taken yet I get pulled up for it.”

Coleraine’s dismissal could have bigger implications, however. as David Ogilby was shown a straight red card after referee Ross Dunlop adjudged the Bannsiders skipper had deliberately handled the ball as Stephen O’Neill threatened to break through.

Kearney was incensed at the final whistle as he felt O’Neill had fouled Ogilby in the build up.

The officials disagreed much to Kearney’s dismay which means he is without the services of the influential defender for next week’s Irish Cup quarter final at home to Portadown.

“It’s a massive blow for us to lose David,” said Kearney.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the incident again as a lot of the Donegal Celtic players were saying after the game that it was never a red card.

“David’s starting position is fantastic and as the ball comes through as he is between their striker and the ball. So he is favourite to win the ball so I can’t fathom why he would want to handle the ball.

“For me the player has come in behind him and pushed him and his reaction is to raise his hand and make contact with the ball.

“Yes, he has handled the ball and he’s last man and if the referee has saw it that way then he has to send him off. But you have to take into account what happened before that especially when you see David’s starting position and see the striker push into the back of him.”

Coleraine had the better of the chances on the day but they failed to test John Connolly enough on a day when their heavy schedule seemed to catch up with them.

“We had a fair idea we wouldn’t be on top form today, we knew there would be a lot of baggage left over from the last couple of weeks,” added Kearney.

“We have had a lot of games in the past few weeks and they take their toll.”