‘Garvey add some top range equipment

Lisnagarvey's new piece of technology

Lisnagarvey's new piece of technology

Lisnagarvey are hoping that their latest piece of recording technology will help them rise above the competition.

Players and spectators to their Hillsborough base may have noticed a strange looking piece of apparatus high above the pitch.

Garvey have just purchased, with the assistance of a grant from Sport Northern Ireland, £30,000 worth of state of the art recording equipment, similar to that used by Chelsea FC and the Irish rugby team.

This latest technology is part of the Garvey armour to help give them the edge on their opponents. No longer does the coach have to wait to review a game after it is over.

He can have an instant recording sent to him in the dug-out via an Ipad, so that he can see set plays like penalty corners and then make those vital winning adjustments.

Mark Murray from Garvey is responsible for the latest technology at the club, and explained how it works.

“We are able to raise a camera 25 feet high above the play which gives a great angle, so that we can see tactical layouts etc. It can be downloaded into a notebook and recordings can be analysed in various ways,” said Murray.

“This type of technology is being used by the Dutch and German hockey clubs and together with the software, makes it into a powerful piece of kit.

“We applied for the grant from Sport NI, with support from Ulster and Irish hockey, with the understanding if they are using our facilities at Garvey that they can take advantage of the system.

“The endzone tripod is £5,000 alone and along with the laptops, camera and the Gamebreaker analysis software, which is very expensive, it comes in at around £30,000.

“We used it with the Irish Under 18’s in Poland and it is amazing what advantage it gives over teams that don’t have it.”




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