Jamie Conlan and Marc McCullough looking to deliver for Breen Team chief

John Breen in his Belfast gym

John Breen in his Belfast gym

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Jamie Conlan and Marc McCullough are both going to turn-on the style at the Odyssey Arena on Friday night.

The two Belfast boys will attempt to get their hands on a WBO European title and with that a top 15 ranking in the World.

Conlan will face Benjamin Smoes for the Super-flyweight title while McCullough takes on Andrei Isaeu for the Featherweight title.

Both lads train under the watchful eye of veteran coach John Breen in his Belfast gym.

Breen has trained numerous World, European and British champions in his time and Conlan says his coach deserves loads of credit if ‘Breen team’ walk away from the Odyssey with two titles.

“John loves boxing and he is always there for his fighters. I thought about packing it in a while back, but when I spoke to John, I could feel his love for boxing and it reminded me how much I loved the sport, so I got back training.

“I want to win this title at the Odyssey and then move on. I am winning it for myself but I am also doing it for John.

“Boxing is John’s life and he gives everything he has to his boxers,” he added.

And Conlan says preparation has gone very well.

“We stopped sparring last week and John told us we did not have to spar on the Friday - because we could not have got any better.

“John was happy that afternoon and it’s not often you can say that about John,” smiled Conlan.

And McCullough agrees with his ‘Breen Team’ stablemate.

“Yes it would be great for John to have another couple of titles in the gym.

“John is always in the gym working and he lives and breathes the sport. He does everything for his fighters and to be honest John is more nervous the week of the fight than we are,” said McCullough.

And McCullough says preparation for the bout has taken him up a level.

“I have a couple of sponsors now, Randox Health and Gordon Watters Dental Laboratory, so I took time off work and have been eating and training properly and that has helped.

“It is also been great sparring with Jamie and his brother Michael.

“They have been razor sharp as they have also been preparing for fights of their own.

“As Jamie has said, we were flying in sparring and John thought there was no need to do anymore,” he added.

And McCullough believes Friday’s fight at the Odyssey is a step-up in class.

“Isaeu went the distance with Rendall Munroe and he has only been stopped once in 29 fights. So he wil be tough and he looks as if he likes to come forward.

“I would love to stop him and if the chance comes and I think I have him wobbled I will go for it, but I just want the win and take it from there.

“I am only a ten fight novice, so I need more experience and hard fights, before I go for the big boys. I am work in progress and a win on Friday would keep me on track,” he added.

And McCullough says he won’t be calling out the likes of Lee Selby and Belfast’s Martin Lindsay just yet.

“No I won’t be calling anyone out. I am a couple of fights away from those kind of fights and Selby may move on as he is the European champion.

“As I said I need experience and I am still very young - so I have to develop and get better before I face Selby and Co.

“My Irish title win against Willie Casey got me recognition and beating Isaeu will also get me attention, but it’s one fight a time and I am ready to deliver at Odyssey.”