Kiko Martinez ready for Carl Frampton showdown

Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez at The Odyssey Arena
Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez at The Odyssey Arena

Kiko Martinez has laid down the gauntlet to Carl Frampton before their IBF World title showdown in Belfast on September 6.

Spaniard Martinez comes to the Titanic Quarter full of confidence after winning the IBF title and defending it twice in what has been an incredible year for the Alicante fighter.

Martinez claimed the World title by stopping Jhonatan Romero last August before defending his crown against Jeffrey Mathebula and Hozumi Hasegawa

And now he heads to Belfast to face Frampton - after the Tiger’s Bay fighter stopped him in the ninth round when they met last February,

Kiko says he was not on his game the first time he met ‘The Jackal’ and now he feels that he is in the right place to get the job done and he wants to do it in style.

“I need to win by knockout or at least give him a good beating to win.

“If not it will be difficult to win but I’m sure the judges will be fair and if I deserve to win then they’ll give me the victory.

“I’m more familiar with my trainers now and I will be the real me in this fight.

“That night wasn’t me, that’s why things caught up with me.

“I wasn’t myself in the interviews or at the weigh in before the fight. I’m going to enjoy it in there.

“I was annoyed at not having fought for a while and actually deep down I knew he was going to beat me because I wasn’t mentally ready for that fight,” he added.

And the hard hitting Spaniard says he would also like to silence the local fans who have been given him abuse on social media in the weeks leading up to the fight.

“I’ve had a lot of messages on Twitter from his fans. Some have called me a chicken, they have called me all sorts of names but at the same time I don’t want to be rude about anybody.

“But they should give me credit for giving Frampton this chance which he didn’t really deserve and they can see that for being a ‘chicken’ I’m going back to Ireland to fight him,” stated Martinez.

And he also believes Frampton has not fought anyone of note since they last met at the Odyssey.

“I think they’ve been looking after him very well, the only hard fight he has had in his career was against me and I had been out of the ring for nine months.

“He’s had good opponents but not top level. Frampton is a good boxer and too good of a warrior to have some of these lesser fights. It’s not good for him.

“He’s gone backwards, not forward, his boxing hasn’t change.

“He can get better physically but he’s not fighting away from home against top level and he won’t advance this way. I am looking forward to coming to Belfast and defending my title,” he added.