Luke Wilton and Martin Rogan gunning for glory in England

GLORY HUNTER: Belfast's Luke Wilton
GLORY HUNTER: Belfast's Luke Wilton

Two Belfast lads will put it all on the line on Saturday night in the quest for glory.

Luke Wilton – from east of the city – will try to take the British and Commonwealth Flyweight titles off Kevin Satchell in Liverpool, while West Belfast’s Martin Rogan will try to get his hands on the Prizefighter heavyweight trophy.

It’s a tale of little and large but both fighters have plenty to gain and lose.

Flyweight Wilton has been relentless as he pursues a shot at the British and Commonwealth titles.

The preparation has been done behind the scenes to get Wilton into position.

His father Alio has staked a lot emotionally and financially to get his son into the ring with Satchell.

Wilton admits is has not been easy to get to the ring in Liverpool and is determined not to let anyone down.

“It has been hard getting to this level and I was frozen out a few times when it was my turn to fight for the British title,” he admitted.

“All the hard work and commitment from everybody has just made me more determined to win the fight on Saturday night.

“I know this is a huge opportunity for me and I am determined to take this chance.

“It has been a long road getting here and I want to be British and Commonwealth champion.

“I have said many times this is my world title. This is the belt and the title I have always wanted so now I have to chance to win it and I have got to take that chance.”

Wilton weighed in on Friday looking in peak physical condition and he is relishing his showdown with champion Satchell.

“He is the favourite and he is fighting in his backyard, so it looks as if I will have to stop him,” Wilton added.

“My dad Alio and my trainer Bernardo Checa have come up with a game plan to win the fight and it is up to me to go in there and deliver.

“Training has gone very well and I am feeling fit and strong. Sparring has also gone well and I just want to get started.”

Fellow Belfast man Rogan will also be throwing everything on the line at the York Hall in Bethnell Green as he takes to the ring in his second Prizefighter event.

‘Rogie’ won the first ever Prizefighter in 2008 and wants history to repeat itself on Saturday.

“I won it in 2008 and I will do it again at the York Hall. I have trained and prepared well and it is all systems go,” Rogan said.

“I know that if I win here it will open up doors to other bigger fights, like it did the last time.”

Rogan kicks off the action against former World title challenger Albert Sosnowski and the winner will face either Audley Harrison or Denmark’s Claus Bertino in the first semi-final.

But Rogan says it does not matter what order the opponents come in.

“To win Prizefighter, you have to win three fights. I have done it before and I will do it again.

“Sosnowski is an experienced guy but you have to beat whoever they put in the ring with you.

“Hopefully I get Harrison in the semi-final and finally retire the man.

“He has fooled the British public for far too long. I am going to win Prizefighter and bring the trophy back to Belfast,” Rogan added.

And Roagn still took time to wish young Wilton well in his fight against Satchell.

“I hope Luke beats Satchell and brings the belts home and if I win Prizefighter it will be another boost for boxing in Belfast.

“The more titles we win the better it is for everyone.”