Martin Lindsay knows Warrington could be his final chance

Martin Lindsay
Martin Lindsay

Martin Lindsay admits he is entering ‘the last chance saloon’ when he challenges Josh Warrington for his Commonwealth title in Leeds on Wednesday night.

The British title will also be on the line and Lindsay says this is an offer he could not refuse.

“I had to take the fight and this is a huge opportunity for me. I was 32 on Saturday so I have to win this one - it’s last chance saloon for me, but I am prepared to give it my all,” he added.

And Lindsay says he took the fight because this is a fight his fans want to see.

“In this game you have to take chances and you have to fight the likes of Lee Selby, Derry Matthews and Warrington.

“You have to step-up to the plate sometime and gave your fans a big night out.This is what boxing is all about and these are the fights you want.”

And what does Lindsay think of opponent Warrington?

“He puts his shots together well, but I have a few ideas that will cause him problems.”