BADMINTON: Official Jim Gault goes above and beyond

After some criticism of the standard of officiating at the Commonwealth Games badminton events, few could blame umpires or judges for trying to get a closer view of the action.

The 57-year-old caught the feathered projectile hard on the cheek after a smash from Australia's Jeff Tho took a wicked bounce and an unfortunate ricochet off the racquet of Kenyan player Joseph Matheri Githitu.

Fortunately he was not hurt and both official and player were all smiles afterwards.

Gault, of Glengowrie in Perthshire, said: "It wasn't intentional, it was purely by accident. It didn't hurt.

"I was following the shuttle but I think it came off the ground and then it was just there.

"I'm just going to show Joseph the video because I believe it is all over the internet now!"

Githitu, who lost 2-0, shook hands and joked with Gault after the match.

"It was just bad luck," the 31-year-old from Nairobi said.