Disappointed Kelly crashes out of World Singles Championship

Gary Kelly
Gary Kelly

Ballymoney’s Gary Kelly had no answer to the power of Greg Harlow as he yesterday crashed out of the World Singles Championship at Potters Leisure Resort.

The Ireland international had the honour of featuring in the opening game in the singles discipline on the famous blue portable rink at the iconic Norfolk venue, but his interest evaporated, losing in straight sets.

“I’m really disappointed,” he said. “It took me a bit of time to find my line and length in both sets, but by that stage it was too late.

“Greg has played this rink on so many occasions, he could well go all the way to the final again this season.”

England ace Harlow dominated the opening set, winning 8-3 and, even though Kelly made a decent fist of the second, he surrendered the second, losing 8-4.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s Mark McPeak and Stuart Bennett also missed out on a place in the first round of the World Pairs Championship.

With a slot against Jonathan Ross and Robert Weale up for grabs, the Watson Stadium boys lost in straight sets against Australia’s Steve Halmia and Jason Carpenter in the preliminary round final.

McPeak and Bennett earlier won their section, which guaranteed their spot in the sudden death play-off. They defeated South Africa’s Shawn Neil and Aslem McLean 12-0, 6-5 before coasting past the challenge of Israel’s Harris Green and Daniel Alonin, winning 7-4, 11-2.

But Halmia and Carpenter proved to be a bridge too far for the Irish boys. They lost the opening set 11-6 before crashing out of the tournament, beaten 9-3 in the second.

n Past masters Mid Ulster crashed out of the IIBA Men’s Inter-zone quarter finals, after suffering an agonising two shots defeat by Western at Magherafelt.

Mid Ulster, who have lifted the Boomer Cup on a record breaking 10 occasions, appeared to be on course for the last four, having built up an eight shots lead at the half way stage.

But Western came roaring back, thanks to a fantastic display by David Graham who skipped his rink to an incredible 17-5 win over Alan Paul -- a result that totally turned the game on its head.

Earlier, Mid Ulster appeared to be in control with Damien McElory and Dayne Jordan recording wins against Gary NcNab (21-5) and Michael McGrade (10-5). Ally Graham replied for Western by beating Sean Quinn (11-7).

With Mid Ulster’s Colm McHugh defeating Karol Bradshow and Mark Wilson finishing level with Gary Burke (7-7), it was left to Graham to rescue Western -- and he did it with a certain degree of panache that that astonishing result against Paul.

Irish Indoor Bowling Association Men’s Inter-zone quarter finals: Oriel 59 Lisburn 36; Foyle 61 North Eastern 60; Mid Ulster 52 Western 54; North West 65 Monaghan 38.

IIBA Shield: Armagh 65 Donegal 49; Larne 87 South Down 36; South Tyrone 60 Mid Down 41; West Down 69 Cork 41.

Bowls results round-up

Belfast Indoor Bowls Club Specsavers Men’s League

Monday: W Meehan 13 R Walker 9, J Millar 7 M Kirkwood 22, J Frazer 19 A Robinson 20, R Dunbar 5 P Cromie 14, M Brown 11 D Millar 16, D Hamilton 12 J Hinds 8.

Tuesday “A”: C Campbell 9 B Hunter 13, R Eynon 20 P McVeigh 14, M Merritt 18 D Hamilton 2, B Daly 4 J McGettrick 15.

Tuesday “B”: D McCandless 29 T White 5, M Gwynne 16 D Watson 8, JH Campbell 15 E Thompson 18, I McIntyre 9 M Irvine 9, A Brown 22 M Simpson 6, D Linton 15 R Meaklim 9, M Hedley 12 D Rankin 15.

Wednesday: M Dunlop 4 S Elliman 19, J Marshall 14 W Moran 10, J Millar 12 I McIntyre 6, A Fee 23 J Trolan 11, R Simpson 9 A Gray 16, W Stevenson 2 F Lemon 15, B Carlisle 13 D Moore 12.

Thursday: S Malcolmson 6 A Fee 16, JH Campbell 9 D Linton 17, S Elliman 8 D McCluskey 15, C Donnelly 4 A Bailie 17, F Simpson 11 J Nutt 17, T Gill 7 D McCandless 15.

Friday: H McFarland 17 P Prunty 12, I McIntyre 7 D Clarke 14, E McCourt 12 S Adamson 14, M Moorehead 8 C Craig 23, R McKitterick 19 N Hamilton 10, D Simpson 8 W Meehan 9, D Nelson 13 N Mulholland 15.

Men’s Saturday League: A Coyle 26 G Finlay 3, D Simpson 9 M Irvine 7, W Thompson 1 M Dunlop 22, A Robinson 13 M Gwynne 15, P McVeigh 30 J McKelvey 4, A Bailie 21 D Burns 12, B Nixon 16 B Kelso 9, J Herron 14 H Johnston 12, T Roberts 5 W McCullough 12.

Jethro Rinks League

MORNING SECTION: C.Whitty 9 (0) W.Cairns 18 (3), T.McCartan 8 (1) M.Milligan 12 (3), C.Maguire 14 (1) A.Magee 17 (3), J.Taylor 5 (0) R.Hunter 22 (3), G.Richardson 8 (0) W.Clinghan 19 (3), W.Cousins 9 (0) R.Neely 23 (3).

AFTERNOON SECTION: G.Bell 12 (2) L.Magennis 12 (2), N.Conlon 15 (0) W.Martin 23 (3), J.Mackle N/P (0) S.Garvey N/P (3), S.White 9 (0) W.Kinnon 21 (3), B.Boness 25 (3) N.Orr 9 (0).