Ireland beat Wales

Ireland's Alan Sothern
Ireland's Alan Sothern

Ireland took on Wales in the final test series of the weekend securing a 2-0 victory over the visitors with two second half set piece drag flicks were enough to secure the win.

The majority of play in the first half was maintained in midfield with a few chances from both sides including a penalty corner to Wales in the 27th minute but a mistrap let Ireland easily off the hook and the first half closed out 0-0.

Ireland broke the deadlock in the 44th minute when Shane O’Donoghue converted with a pacey dragflick making it 1-0. Wales had a great chance to level with a penalty corner of their own moments later but the chance was well saved by Stephen West in goals.

The final goal came after they secured a penalty corner ten seconds before the end of the match, this time marksman Alan Sothern making no mistake to make it 2-0.

Commenting after the match coach Ned Fulton said: “It was a tough match, we struggled in the first half but we made some mental changes for the second half.

“We will train during the week I preparation for the double test against England, we will have to make improvements and we are up for the challenge.”

Starting XI: Stephen West (GK); John Jackson (Capt); Jonathan Bell, Michael Watt; Maurice Elliott; Drew Carlisle; Mitch Darling; Kyle Good; Paul Gleghorne; Stuart Loughrey; Shane O’Donoghue

Reserves: Alan Sothern; Peter Caruth; Kirk Shimmins; Stephen Cole; Bruce McCandless; David Fitzgerald (GK); Conor Harte.