Ireland girls still in the hunt

Emily Beattie, Leinster
Emily Beattie, Leinster


Ireland drew against Ukraine 0-0 in their second last Europeans game meaning Sunday’s clash against Italy is a must-win affair for a gold medal – but a draw or one-goal defeat will still give promotion back to Division A.

The match endured a tense period with three yellows being shown to the Ukraine team in the final eight minutes of the match.

But Ireland’s fate regarding promotion is well within their own hands.

Starting XI: Emma Russell; Chloe Brown; Amy Cooke; Emily Beatty; Roisin Upton; Kerri McDonald; Erika Hinkson; Leah Ewart; Haley Mulcahy; Ayeisha McFerran (GK)

Replacements: Rachel Barnett; Sara Twomey; Kate Lloyd; Elaine Carey; Kathryn Mullan; Hannah Grieve; Lucy McKee.