Kimi Raikkonen has faith in Ferrari turnaround

Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari
Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen has firm belief that Ferrari can again turn him into a grand prix winner - just not this year.

Raikkonen’s return to Maranello this season has been a bitter disappointment as it was firmly expected he would provide team-mate Fernando Alonso with a run for his money.

But the change in the regulations and the introduction of the new power unit has left Ferrari trailing, and Raikkonen with a car that for the most part he has not enjoyed driving.

“It’s been a hard first part of the year,” said Raikkonen.

“I know I’ve not lost speed from last year, so it’s been disappointing to fight against the issues and problems we’ve had. I hope the second part of the season will be much better than the first, but one slightly better day doesn’t change an awful lot.

“It doesn’t take away the mistakes, the things we have to improve, to make us work much better as a team.

“There are a lot of things that need to be done to make sure we are where we should be. I believe in people and the team, that we can put ourselves where we should be,” added Raikkonen.

“They’ve been putting people in the right areas, and I’m sure in the future it will pay off big time.”