O’Neill crowned Irish women’s singles champ

Bernie O'Neill
Bernie O'Neill

Bernie O’Neill is the new Irish Women’s Bowling Association singles champion.

The Portstewart woman turned in an impressive performance at the Blackrock club in Dublin, defeating Marian Hoey, from the host association, 21-14 in the final.

Earlier, O’Neill enjoyed a 21-15 win over Dungannon’s Ida Eldon, while Hoey edged out Cliodhna Eadie, (21-19), from the Private Greens League.

Eadie, however, had the consolation of mounting the winners’ rostrum in the fours championship.

Joined by Pat Smyth, Karen Woodside and Sandra Bailie, the Knock combination beat Kean Sharpe, from the Provincial Towns (25-11) in the semis before claiming a three shots victory over Ann McKiver in the decider.

Woodside also picked up the pairs trophy. She teamed up with Helen Wilson to defeat Paul Curry and O’Neill at the semi final stage.

Then in the final, they beat local duo Margaret McNiven and Noleen Kelly (23-13).

The Ladies Bowling League of Ireland were not to be denied. Carol McQuade, Heather Cahill and Phillis Nolan swept to a runaway 25-22 win over Irene Donaldson in what was a good game.

Betty Liddell and Paula Mongtomery, from the Private Greens, in the triples final.

Irish Women’s Bowling Association Championships

Singles: B O’Neill (PTWBA) 21 I Eldon (NIWBA) 15. M Hoey (LBLI) 21 C Eadie (NIWPGL) 19. Final: O’Neill 21 Hoey 14.

Pairs: H Wilson, K Woodside (NIWPGL) 18 P Curry, B O’Neill (PTWBA) 14. B McGleenan, P Mackle (NIWBA) 10 M McNevin, N Kelly (LBLI) 22. Final: Woodside 23 Kelly 13.

Triples: J Wilson, P Curry, B O’Neill (PTWBA) 8 C McQuade, H Cahill, P Nolan (LBLI) 23. R Campbell, S Rice, B Dobbin (NIWBA) 9 I Donaldson, B Liddell, P Montgomery (NIWPGL) 14. Final: Nolan 25 Montgomery 12.

Fours: C McQuade, M Murphy, M Hoey, C O’Gorman (LBLI) 16 J Lyden, A Sloan, M McGrath, A McKiver (NIWBA) 18. C Eadie, P Smyth, K Woodside, S Bailie (NIWBA) 25 R Johnston A McKillop, P Johnston, J Sharpe (PTWBA) 11. Final: McKiver 13 Bailie 16.

Over-55 fours: M Hoey, B Doheny, N Whitney, I Culligan (LBLI) 4 B Shackels, P Donnelly, B McGleenan, I Eldon (BIWBA) 16. S Graham, M McAdams, J McClure, V Witherow (PTWBA) 18 M Bayliss, I Minnis, G Morrow, M McGuile (NIWPGL) 22. Final: Eldon 21 McGuile 11.