Pole Vaulter Zoe Brown is forced to pull out of European Track and Field Championships

Pole Vaulter Zoe Brown
Pole Vaulter Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown has unfortunately had to withdraw from the European Track and Field Championships in Zurich due to injury.

The Northern Ireland record holder for the pole vault received the injury while competing in her fourth Commonwealth Games in Glasgow on Saturday.

The pole vault event was held in torrential wind and rain and would have probably been cancelled if it had not been the Commonwealths.

Zoe came in at a low height of 3.80 metres but with both the run up flooded and pole grip slippery was unfortunate to fail three times at what would normally have been her starting point in training.

It is unfortunate for Zoe who has set no fewer than five Northern Ireland records this season culminating with 4.45 metres. She also scored two important victories over her Irish rival Tori Pena.

It is hoped that Zoe and dedicated coach Jim Alexander will bounce back from their disappointment and return to set even higher standards.