TEAM NI: Badminton siblings have right to be confident

Sinead Chambers

Sinead Chambers

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There are two sets of siblings in the Northern Ireland badminton squad. Sinead Chambers and Tony Stephenson are veterans of Delhi 2010 and are joined by Sinead’s brother Ciaran and Tony’s sister Alannah. Caroline Black and Tony Murphy make up the squad of six who will take part in the team competition and then the singles and doubles disciplines.

Sinead and Ciaran Chambers are their best hopes in the mixed doubles in which recent results have been good.

“This year is our biggest year playing together for myself and Ciaran. We had a lot of pressure, not only did I want to qualify I also wanted Ciaran to as well. Stepping on to court at the beginning of this year was tough because we were thinking we have to win this game and that did cause tensions, because we would get frustrated at each other, as with any brother/ sister partnership. It’s because you are so close you get away with things you wouldn’t get away with someone else, and you show you emotions more. That’s something we both worked at over the past six months and we’ve had our best results so far, reaching the final in the Lithuanian open last month has proved that if we stay focused, relaxed and don’t over think it while staying as a partnership I think we can really perform well,” explained Sinead.