TEAM NI: Bowls triples team assured of silver medal

Bowler Neil Booth
Bowler Neil Booth

There was success for Sport Northern Ireland supported athletes in Glasgow on Sunday morning when the Men’s triples beat Wales in bowls, ensuring at least a silver medal in Monday’s final.

Neil Booth, Paul Daly and Neil Mulholland beat the Wales side 20-12 at Kelvingrove and will compete against South Africa on Monday. The NI side were 10-8 with eight ends to go in the semi-final but bounced back to secure the win.

“It was very similar to yesterday, both times we have managed to claw our way back. The important thing is to dig in when you are a few shots down so that’s what we managed to do and we made sure to keep the momentum up. We are delighted with the result and are confident going forward to the final,” said Neil Booth. He added: “There’s no reason why we can’t go out there and win the final tomorrow. We are a good triple and have good experience in the triple so we are confident.”

In the women’s singles, Craigavon woman Catherine McMillen will compete for a bronze medal this evening in a match against South Africa’s Colleen Piketh. She lost out in semi-final against New Zealand’s Jo Edwards on Saturday morning 21-8.

“I really struggled from the start. I let her get too much of a lead and it was too much of a challenge to get back from that,” said McMillen.

She added: “She’s too experienced; she is never going to let you come back from that. I suppose I put everything into it but this morning it just didn’t happen for me. I didn’t expect to get this far so I was happy to get out of the group. To play for gold and silver, I suppose it overwhelmed me a bit, maybe.”


Lawn bowls:

Men’s Triples Semi-final A, Wales vs Northern Ireland (DALY Paul, MULHOLLAND Neil, BOOTH Neil), 12-20. Through to final on Sunday and guaranteed at least a Silver medal.

Women’s Singles Semi-final B, EDWARDS Jo NZL vs McMILLEN Catherine NIR, 21-8. Competes for Bronze later on Sunday.


Women’s Marathon, Gladys Ganiel, (12th) 2:40.29

Table tennis:

Women’s Team Classification Final, N. Ireland vs Scotland, 3-1, 13th overall


Women’s 200m Backstroke, HILL Danielle, 14th, 2:26.52

Men’s 50m Breaststroke, Michael Dawson, 14th, 28.92

Women’s 100m Freestyle, Bethany Firth, 26th, 59.24

Women’s 200m Individual Medley, Sycerika McMahon, 11th, 2:16.14

Men’s 100m Butterfly, Curtis Coulter, 21st, 57.20

Women’s 100m Breaststroke, Sycerika McMahon, 10th, 1:10.07