NW200: Ryan Farquhar’s exclusive Keep ’er Lit column

Ryan Farquhar on the Tyco BMW.
Ryan Farquhar on the Tyco BMW.

I tested the Tyco BMW Superbike for the first time last week and I’m really pleased with how it all went. Hopefully now we’ll have a good week with the weather at the North West 200 this week, because it makes everything so much easier.

I don’t think we’ll have a perfect set-up straight away with the Superbike but I’m a lot closer to what we need than what I was before went to Kirkistown last Thursday.

The team couldn’t have been more helpful and nothing was too much trouble if I suggested something.

I learned a lot on the Superbike and I’d say that will even help me with my own Superstock bike, because I’ve been having a few issues with engine braking, especially into the slower corners.

As for power, the Superstock bikes now are so good that the days are gone when you get onto a Superbike and it feels as if you’ve been given a 50bhp boost.

It’s a linear power delivery as well, so you don’t really get a feel for how powerful it is because it’s so smooth.

I’d say I’ll notice a difference though when I go out in practice today at the North West, when we’ll have the chance to run tall gearing on it for speeds of up to 200mph.

It’s hard to compare the Superbike to my own Superstock bike because I’ve never rode my ’stocker around Kirkistown, but the bike did everything I wanted it to do last week.

I’m really looking forward to riding all my bikes, not just the Superbike, and I’ve three really competitive packages there with the Supertwin and my own Superstock bike as well, so I hope I can make the most of them.