ULSTER GP: Bikers urged to ‘ride with care’

Noel Johnston (right) with Keith Amor and Mark H Durkhan
Noel Johnston (right) with Keith Amor and Mark H Durkhan

Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix Clerk of the Course Noel Johnston is urging motorcyclists attending the event next week to ride with caution.

Johnston and Environment Minister Mark H Durkhan have issued an appeal prior to the big race to leave the high speeds to the professionals.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the race in its place,” said Johnston.

“Please keep your wits about you as you travel to and from the circuit, and indeed at any time you’re riding a motorbike.

“Above all, resist the temptation to break the speed limit or take any unnecessary risks, the high number of road deaths this year tell us that it’s just not worth it.”

Minister Durkhan added: “Those with an interest in road racing will need to be aware there is a big difference between racing behaviour on the circuit and every day riding behaviour on the road.

“Biking can be a great experience but, ridden inappropriately, a motorcycle becomes a lethal weapon.

“Motorcyclist, think ahead and be aware of the danger around every corner and every turn. Extend your vision, look into the distance – check for vehicles emerging from junctions, commercial premises and driveways.

“Drivers, be bike aware. Take another look for motorcyclists and remember that underneath the helmet is someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt, or best friend.

“Be under no illusion, drivers and motorcyclists alike, you can never control the consequences if you speed.”