Ulster riders struggle to keep up with Adam Chatfield at Arenacross event

Ulster riders were left reeling following Saturday’s second round of the Arenacross series at the Odyssey Arena where Adam Chatfield again called the shots.

In the 18-lap final Chatfield charged to a four-second victory over Jack Brunnel with Neville Bradshaw third.

Martin Barr was a disappointing 10th while Gordon Crockard again failed to go the full distance.

All of this means that Chatfield has a maximum 40 points going into the third round in Birmingham on February 2.

Tom Church is second on 36 followed Neville Bradshaw 34, Carl Nunn 27 and Barr in fifth place on 24.

Crockard had the satisfaction of winning his qualifying heat in which Barr was fourth and Michael Mahon ninth.

In the second heat Irwin was sixth with Stuart Edmunds ninth.

In practice Jack Brunell and Chatfield fired the warning shots but when it came to the qualifying sessions Neville Bradshaw and Cyril Coulon from France were on top of their game.

Crockard and Brunell had wins apiece in the Pro heats where Barr had a fourth and Irwin a sixth.

Qualifying (Heat 1) 1 C Coulon; 2 J Brunell; 3 C LeFrances; 4 T Church; 5 Barr; 6 G Irwin. (Heat 2) 1 N Bradshhaw; 2 E Sorby; 3 A Chatfield; 4 G Crockard; 5 Edmunds; 6 C Nunn.

Pro (Heat 1) 1 Crockard; 2 Sorby; 3 Colulon; 4 Barr; 5 Nunn; 6 LFrancois. (Heat 2) 1 Brunell; 2 Church; 3 Chatfield; 4 Bradshaw; 5 M Musquin; 6 Irwin.

Final: 1 Chatfield; 2 Brunnel; 3 Bradshaw; 4 Coulon; 5 Nunn; 6 M Musquin.

Championship points: Chatfield 40; Church 36; Bradshaw 34; Nunn 27; Barr 24; Edmunds 22.

Meanwhile, the Temple club’s Terry Hill Trophy Irish championship trial which was postponed on Saturday due to adverse weather will now be staged this Saturday at the original venue, Dunmore mountain near Ballynahinch.