Methoday captain Michael Lagan to lead from the front

Methody's  Connor McKee touches down
Methody's Connor McKee touches down

Methody have won the School’s Cup on 34 occasions, shared the title twice and been runners up 25 times.

The Belfast School have reached the final again this year and face Sullivan at Ravenhill and for captain Michael Lagan a winner last year it’s certainly not a case of formality breeds contempt.

“It’s another massive occasion for the school and we’re hoping to get a good start and get into the game well,” said Lagan.

“It’s a massive deal for the school to get to the final and you can take anything for granted against Sullivan, they are a really good side and it is going to be whoever deals with the game and the occasion best will come out of top.”

Lagan knew the importance of the Schools Cup to Methody from the moment he set foot in the school.

“The people that played in the game last year can give a few words to the younger guys but it depends on the day who deals with the occasion, the crowed and the atmosphere and I think that is what schools cup finals are all about, who can get into the game well, who can get their hands on the ball, the first side that starts well and gets into the game it will be a big advantage.”

“I don’t think you can approach the final any differently than what you do for normal games, training has to be the same and you really can change much you just have to keep it normal as possible build up.”

After watching Sullivan in the last four Lagan knows Sullivan will provide a tough challenge.

“I got to watch their semi final, their pack was really good against Coleraine, they had a good maul and a good set piece so we know it’s going to be a massive challenge and our pack is going to have to front up.”

We’ve played them twice and we have won both games but I think on the day you can’t think of past experiences, on the day everything goes out the window and it’s all about who deals with the game.