Robbie Diack points to ill discipline in Ulster display

Leinster's Rhys Ruddock and Robbie Diack of Ulster

Leinster's Rhys Ruddock and Robbie Diack of Ulster

Ulster skipper Robbie Diack felt the side’s lack of discipline was a contributory fact to their disappointing defeat against league champions Leinster at the RDS in Dublin.

“It was frustrating for us we did get a couple of early turnovers there on the floor and then we got a few penalties that went against us,” said Diack

“I think those 50/50 chances when you have an opportunity to go for it on the floor, we decided to leave it especially in our ‘22’ as we didn’t want to be giving stupid penalties there.

“Unfortunately we gave away a few more which they kicked and we have to have a look at that and look at our technique and see where we went wrong.

“The referee warned us early in the game which took away our confidence attacking the ball on the floor, hopefully we can rectify it all for Munster.”

Diack admitted he found it difficult communicating with referee John Lacey.

“Referees don’t like being hounded by captains and maybe that’s something I’m going to have to learn and go back and have a chat to previous captains or Johann and Rory and just get a little bit of advice from them.

“I found it quite hard to chat to the referee at the right times but in saying that it’s an opportunity for me to learn and grow.”

In spite of being on the back foot Ulster finished the game strongly and should have scored late on to secure a losing bonus point.

It wasn’t for lack of effort there were opportunities not only in the last five minutes but in the last quarter of the game we got into their ‘22’ and to be fair to them they defended well and we didn’t attack with the precision we wanted to.

“We coughed up the ball at key times and unfortunately we just weren’t accurate or precise enough.”

Diack felt Ulster didn’t use the elements wisely when they had the advantage of them in the first half.

“They played well and they put us on the back foot and we I don’t think we had much opportunity to attack in that first half and I think we had one set-piece where we had an opportunity to attack and we knocked it on.

“We had the wind in that first half but they played a really good tactical game and again it’s something we’ll have to look at, when we get the ball we need to keep the ball.”

Diack dismissed the acquisition after playing four consecutive games against Italian side Ulster lacked intensity at the RDS,

“When you come to Leinster the intensity is always going to be there.

“There’s no way you have to motivate the team, the motivation and attitude is there.

“I think there was no lack of effort just a lack of accuracy and precision.

Diack feels it won’t be difficult to lift the team for Friday’s clash with league leaders Munster which is now a must win game for Ulster.

“I think that’s easy, it’s an interpro and it’s back at Ravenhill, obviously with the hurt from this there’s going to be a big reaction this week.”




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