Sam Storey warns Carl Frampton of Kiko Martinez threat

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

A man with a Spanish connection has warned Carl Frampton to be ‘ultra careful’ when he takes to the ring at the Odyssey on February 9.

Tigers Bay Super-bantamweight Frampton challenges Kiko Martinez for the Spaniard’s European title at the Belfast venue and one man has had his eye on Martinez for quite some time.

And that man in question is former British super-middleweight champion Sam Storey - who now runs a boxing gym in Totana near Murcia in Spain - and he says Frampton has to be very wary of Martinez’s power.

“Kiko is as strong as an ox, he can bang and I have watched a few of his fights in Spain and I thought his defence was very strong. He does not make that many mistakes and he has one punch knock-out power.

“Frampton’s defences will have to be the best they have ever been, because if this guy catches you, it’s all over.

“But it is a fight the fans will love. The two of them can bang and they have near enough the same styles. I can understand why the tickets are selling fast. This is a fight that catches the attention of the public and it should be a great scrap,” added Storey.

And how does the Lonsdale belt holder think the fight will pan out?

“The two of them can bang so it could come down to who makes the first mistake, or who makes the least mistakes. As I said ‘Frampton’s defence has to be the best it has ever been and if he can do that, he should win the fight.

“Kiko always starts strongly and if Frampton can stay out of the way for the first five to six rounds he will be stronger in the second half of the fight. Frampton has to do as he is told and listen to his corner.

“Kiko would love him to stand there and trade with him, but he must not do that. He must use all the boxing skills he has and keep this guy at arms length for four to six rounds, then start applying the pressure.

“He must be smart and fight the right fight. If he does that and survives the Kiko onslaught in the opening half of the fight, he will be fine.

“But he must ignore the crowd, be clever and fight the right fight. This will be his toughest fight to date and it may go the distance.”