Scott Quigg thinks Carl Frampton will beat Kiko Martinez in European title showdown

RIVALS: Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez will engage each other at the Odyssey tonight
RIVALS: Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez will engage each other at the Odyssey tonight

There were a few interested spectators as Carl Frampton and Kiko Martinez squared up to each other at their weigh-in at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on Friday.

Both fighters weighed in under the Super-bantamweight limit and now Tigers Bay fighter Frampton will finally get the chance to wrip the European title from Spaniard Martinez.

But as the two main players in the huge show at the Odyssey on Saturday night swapped pleasentaries - a couple of people were keeping an eye on the fracas.

One of them was current British and Interim WBA World champion Scott Quigg - who could face ‘The Jackal’ in the coming months.

The Bury fighter had a smile on his face as he predicted that Frampton would see off the challenge of Martinez.

“I think it is going to be a good fight and there was a heated exchange at the weigh-in and both fighters seem up for it.

“I think Carl will see the best Kiko Martinez tomorrow night. Kiko is trying to get under Carl’s skin, but Carl knows what is at stake and he won’t let all this get to him.

“Carl knows what he is doing. I think he will be smart for the first four to five rounds.

“He won’t do anything silly in those early rounds and then he will start putting the pressure on and he could have him out of there in round nine to ten.

“The better Carl looks the bigger the fight between the two of us becomes. That fight will take place and it is just getting bigger and bigger,” added Quigg.

And former World champion and Sky TV pundit Glenn McCrory also watched the goings on at the weigh-in and he believes Frampton has the tools to see off the hard hitting Spaniard.

“I think this fight is happening when Frampton is ready for it, Martinez is coming here full of fire and I think it will be a cracker of an encounter.

“And I think Frampton will have to come through some tough times but he will win.

“Martinez is a strong guy, but we know Carl can box and we know he can fight. And against Raul Hirales in Nottingham he boxed for the whole fight. He can do a number of things but Martinez can only come forward.

“I am interested to see what Frampton does. I expect him to box for a wee while and then when he thinks it is time he will start to put the pressure on and take the fight to Martinez in the later rounds.

“This is a difining moment in his career. The victory against Steve Molitor was good but what did Molitor have left. We know Martinez is on top form, he is the champion and this is a big step for Carl.”