Tyson Fury eyes World Title fight

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is ready to deliver a masterclass in boxing at the Odyssey on Saturday night.

Fury is looking to fasttrack himself towards a World title fight by beating Kevin Johnson in Belfast.

The giant heavyweight has already beaten Nicola Firtha and Martin Rogan on these shores and he is vowing to deliver against Johnson.

“He’s slick and a tough customer but we have a game plan and we are going to out it all together on Saturday night.

“And I will tell you one thing. Johnson is in deep water. He can talk a lot, he thinks he can talk a good fight but I am going to rip him apart on Saturday night. I am well up for this one.

“I am not going to let myself down. I am not going to let my family down. I am not going to let my team down.

“And there is no way I am going to let some Yank fly in and beat me in a big fight. He will be destroyed on Saturday night.

“He is flying in to upset the applecart, but this applecart will take some turning over. There is no way an American like Johnson could turn me over.

“I hope he has trained hard because if he hasn’t he is going to be in trouble. I hope he has an army with him because he will need that to stop me on Saturday night.” he added.

Fury has been linked with fights with World Champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko and British champion David Price - but Tyson says he is not thinking of anyone apart from Johnson.

“I am not interested in sending out any messages. I just want to win this fight and then I am going to take Christmas off and enjoy it. I am not interested in calling anyone out.

“I want Wladimir - he has to fight me.

“I am the WBC’s number one ranked challenger, so he has to fight me. He is the one I want, but I am totally focused on Johnson. That is all I am thinking about,” he added.

And Fury - who seemed relaxed and chilled out in his Belfast hotel - says fght fans can expect one thing on Saturday night.

“You will see a good looking and sexy Tyson Fury,” laughed Fury.