Tyson Fury is closing in on World title fight


TYSON Fury is just one fight away from a shot at the WBC World heavyweight title.

Fury’s clash against American Kevin Johnson at the Odyssey on Saturday night has been made an official WBC heavyweight World title eliminator.

Victory over Johnson would propel Fury onto the same level as WBC World champion Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir and Fury says he will fight any of the Klitschko family.

“I would fight anyone of them. I would rather have Wladimir because he has all the belts and I think Vitali is on the slide a bit - but either one,” added Fury

And promoter Mick Hennessy says Fury will turn the World heavyweight division upside down in 2013 when he becomes the champion of the world.

“Tyson is the future of the division and the fans watching in the Odyssey are going to see that on Saturday night.

“The WBC have confirmed that the fight is an official World title eliminator which is great news for Tyson.

“David Haye is messing around in the jungle. David Price is fighting the elderly while Tyson is getting on with being the real deal in the division.

“He’s already shown that he’s the best in Britain and when he beats Johnson he’ll prove that he’s ready to go on and rule the heavyweight division next year.

“If Tyson does what I believe he’s going to do on Saturday night, Tyson will be ready for the World title.

“Tyson has come a long way over the past 12 months, his coach and uncle Peter Fury has transformed into the ultimate fighting machine. And come next year nobody will stand in his way.

“Johnson is a very awkward, tough fighter who proved his worth when he went the distance with Vitali Klitschko, for Tyson this is by far the biggest test of his career,” added Hennessy.