Tyson Fury not impressed by ‘amateur’ rival David Price

IMPRESSIVE: Tyson Fury out-classed Kevin Johnson

IMPRESSIVE: Tyson Fury out-classed Kevin Johnson

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Tyson Fury was not impressed by David Price’s demolition job on Matt Skelton in Liverpool on Friday night.

Price defended his British and Commonwealth titles against Skelton – stopping the veteran in the second round.

Fury – who beat Kevin Johnson on points at the Odyssey on Saturday night – was not convinced by his nemisis’ triumph.

“He beat a 50-year-old fighter! There is no comparison between my fight and David Price versus Matt Skelton.

“Johnson would beat Price, I have no doubts about that. This was a 50/50 fight, Price versus Skelton was not a 50/50 fight.

“I did not see the fight but Price has not changed since the amateurs.

“He is a typical European fighter. They march forward, throw a one-two and a left hook. They push weights and bulk up.

“They come forward and throw big shots – that is all they do,” he added.

And Fury says there is no comparison between Price and himself.

“Look there is a difference between a domestic level fight and a world class fighter.

“You can blow away some fat domestic level fighter or one that is on steroids. But you cannot do that to a world class fighter like Johnson.

“You have to set him up if he is a world class fighter.

“There is miles difference between a world class fighter and a domestic level fighter and you saw that here tonight,” added Fury.