Give my Head Peace live: find out where and when

The Give My Head Peace cast

The Give My Head Peace cast

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This March Ma, Da, Uncle Andy and the rest of the gang will be hitting the road with their unmissable and hilarious brand new show Give My Head Peace Live.

They’ll have flegs, Haass, Paisley, topical satire and a little bit of everything that’s been in the news this year as they visit Lisburn, Cookstown, Banbridge, Londnderry and many other places across Northern Ireland.

Featuring Billy the Peeler pretending to be deaf to get a big claim off the police, Da applying for the job of the new Chief Constable as well as Uncle Andy and his notorious side-kick Pastor Begbie ( Paddy Jenkins) planning to stand in May’s local elections Give My Head Peace live is a hilarious romp that ridicules our politics and politicians and much else besides.


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