Barb Jungr: ‘I want to sing to make people politically conscious’

Singer Barb Jungr

Singer Barb Jungr

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Hard Rain, Barb Jungr’s recordings of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen’s most political songs, was created to entertain, but also to provoke people to think – thought being something of a rare and dangerous past-time in the increasingly anti-intellectual modern world.

“There are just so many love songs and I feel like it’s time to engage with wider themes like injustice and the state of the world,” says the artist, the daughter of a Czech immigrant father and German mother who grew up in Rochdale listening to soul and Nina Simone.

She laughs while explaining that she was sitting having a glass of wine one night in 2000 when from nowhere a strong internal voice told her to sing an album of Bob Dylan songs. She was gobsmacked, claiming the directive from within was unexpected, but called a friend in LA who assured her to go for it. And so she released her first album of Dylan covers in 2002.


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