Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr goes solo in the city

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

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FORMER Smiths guiarist Johnny Marr is now stepping out solo and is set to release debut album The Messenger later this month.

The album, according to the Guardian, sees him “returning to the big tunes and unmistakable, cascading guitar arpeggios that made him the guitarist of his generation”.

Alongside frontman Morrissey, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce, Manchunian Marr helped invent indie during The Smiths reign as one of the UK’s most iconic bands providing the witty, ascerbic anthems of disaffected youth. Morrissey’s lyrics married a wide reach of literary references to wry humour, angst, biting parody of relationship troubles, longing, moody meanderings about loneliness and alienation.


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