Video: Nations TV viewing habits revealed

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Northern Ireland leads the UK’s big screen league according to a report into the UK’s changing television habits.

TV Licensing’s TeleScope 2014 report, published today, reveals that Ulster viewers watch television screens that average more than 36 inches.

And local families like to recreate the cinema experience at home – with 10 per cent of people in Northern Ireland watching most of their TV on a screen bigger than 50 inches.

Also according to the report children in Northern Ireland still rush home from school to make sure they catch their favourite television programmes as they are televised, despite a proliferation of different ways to watch TV and other digital gadgets to keep them entertained.

They spend two hours 23 minutes a day watching TV, an hour-and-a-half less than the national average of three hours 55 minutes.

Even though almost half of all children aged five years to 15 years use the likes of a PC or tablet to watch TV – nearly all (98 per cent) spend time sitting in front of the ‘traditional’ living room TV set.

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