Finding the quirky moments in Ulster and Scots history

Tim McGarry and David Hume are exploring Ulster Scots history
Tim McGarry and David Hume are exploring Ulster Scots history

In a new four-part series for BBC Radio Ulster, comedian Tim McGarry joins Orangeman and historian Dr David Hume to look at a range of fascinating historical incidents and people.

In The Long And The Short Of It, starting on BBC Radio Ulster on Sunday July 20, the unlikely duo investigates little known Ulster Scots stories and well-known historical events from different perspectives, to give the listener,the ‘long and the short of it’.

Throughout this series, they will delve into The Ulster Plantation, the 1798 Rebellion, the Great Famine and Larne gun-running.

Tim says: “I had a ball making this programme. Sometimes we in Northern Ireland take our history too seriously or use it as a cudgel to beat each other over the head. David and I found that our history is also interesting, quirky, surprising, fun and a lot less straightforward than we often think.”

David says: “It was fantastic working with Tim McGarry on this new radio series. Tim was great fun to work with and we both share a common interest in exploring the fascinating history which everyone shares.

“Having been involved with hospital radio for many years in the past, I enjoy the medium of radio and we look at what are very formative events in Ulster history in what will hopefully be an informative and entertaining series. We bring different perspectives to the subjects which we cover and I think it is good that these often controversial subjects can be explored in such a way that hopefully will broaden our perspectives and everyone else’s.”

The Long And The Short Of It, BBC Radio Ulster, Sunday July 20 at 4pm, repeated Wednesdays at 7.30pm. You can also listen online at