Waiting (and waiting) for wonderful food and wine

There was a time when men worked in fields and a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

In the good old days when a man came home from a hard day’s labour, he expected to see his dinner on the table. Children would be sent outside to play or up to their rooms to attend to their studies. Any variation from this routine could expect to be met with the most vociferous criticism.

Thankfully, times have changed and while we’re a long way from being an equal society, men and women now tend to share both working and domestic duties. I was reminded of this when I returned to my lovely home, Rose Cottage, on Monday evening at 8.30 having been out working since 9 o’clock that morning.

I hadn’t eaten for hours so I was incredibly hungry and I had hoped, not unreasonably, that my beloved wife, the illustrious Madame G., who hadn’t been working that day, would have had my tea ready. As you may have guessed, she did not.

As it’s 2014, I didn’t raise my voice in anger. Instead, I poured her a glass of today’s WINE OF THE WEEK, the delicately spiced, mellow and tawny coloured New Zealand Pinot Noir (£9.99, Lidl), smiled and asked was there anything I could do. Thankfully, I was told there was nothing to do except sit down, wait, enjoy my elegant, graceful and savoury red with its ripe but not overpowering cherry and strawberry flavours and luxurious, peppery finish, and wait (and wait) for my lentil bolognese. Our forefathers would have expected meat and potatoes but that’s another story.

On Tuesday, it was my turn to be off work so I had a delicious smoked salmon and mascarpone risotto waiting for my Madame when she returned home. Not to score points, you understand, but merely to demonstrate through the medium of food my enormous love for her.

I matched this culinary masterpiece with the easy-drinking, zesty and delightfully complex 2012 Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc (widely available, prices vary). This vibrantly aromatic Chilean white is full of citrus and melon flavours before a very clean, discreetly acidic finish. And for the next three months, in Northern Ireland, they have 120 luxury prizes to be won with 120 bottles of their 120 range- get it? I wish you all the luck.

So, dear tipplers, what have we learned today? That men are better than women? That I’m better than Madame G? I really hope not. It would be nice to think that times have simply changed for the better and that we’re all a little bit more equal. And that it’s a good thing to have a nice warm dinner waiting for the hungry worker when he (or she, I suppose I have to say that) gets home. Till next week, tipplers, sante!