Archive 81: Finale ending explained - what happened to Dan and Netflix season 2 release date revealed

Archive 81 only launched on Netflix January 14, but has already been captivating audiences.

Netflix' s latest hit, Archive 81 is the spooky thriller we needed this January.

The season finale brings us twist after twist, as we follow the journey of archivist Dan and his quest to find Melody.

So, what happened to Dan and Melody and will there be a season two? Here's everything you need to know.

Archive 81 was released on Netflix on January 14.

*Archive 81 finale spoilers follow*

What happened to Dan in the season finale?

The end of the episode sees Dan waking up in a hospital room, being told he is the sole survivor of the fire at The Visser.

On the TV, Kurt Cobain's death is announced, Dan stands up and looks out of the hospital window, where he sees the Twin Towers still intact.

The theory is, that Dan has swapped places with Melody and is now in 1994, whilst she is in his time zone, with her mother and Mark.

But is it all a trick? There is no tell tale sign that this is actually the other world, but it could be possible that this is all some big ruse from Kaelago.

All we know, is that Dan is at least alive, even if he is trapped in the past, there is still hope in season two that he will be able to return to his present day.

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Archive 81 season 2 release date

Netflix have not yet renewed Archive 81, but it s expected the series will be renewed soon due to its growing popularity.

If it gets the go ahead, estimates for a season two release date would be in early 2023, providing there are no set backs.

Is Archive 81 based on a true story?

Archive 81 has the feel of a real life story, but it is entirely fiction.

The show is based on a popular podcast that bears the same name, which was created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell and is currently on its third season.

Commenting on inspiration for the podcast, Powell said to TV Over Mind,

“I’ve worked at a sound effects library for the past two years, and one of my jobs is reviewing and listening to all the sound effects that we acquire before they go live to the site.”

"I do this job from home so I’ve spent more time than anyone should alone in my apartment listening to weird noises. That experience, plus a general appreciation for found footage style of horror storytelling were a major inspiration.”

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